November 22, 2020

5 points on how to be a better partner

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Being a better partner is all about understanding each other, we would like to share what we think both of you can do to impress each other, well…not really impress but for your partner to feel supported and loved and have an overall happy relationship! 

1. Spending time together is just as valuable as material gifts

As you know, everyone loves all sorts of gifts….ranging from surprise gifts to expected gifts, but showing him/her love, respect, time, loyalty, etc. is way more than the material things, because at the end of the day those things can’t substitute having you as a partner. 

2. Humor

Keeping a lady’s or gentlemen’s attention can sometimes be achieved by – Good looks, manners, but the right amount of humor also goes a long way! Study your partner if he/she likes to laugh a lot or maybe just a little bit goes a long way…putting a smile on that face is priceless and we are sure it also keeps the relationship glowing. 

3. Trust

Be someone he/she can trust, trust is the basis of a relationship, as long as you don’t give each other a reason not to trust yourselves, your relationship will thrive. So communicate! If any issues may be on your mind, communicate them to each other. Some ladies have a habit of assuming a lot of things and making a big picture in their head based on assumptions, so when you communicate, the chance to doubt your trust will be avoided. 

4. Show him/her that you care

Actions not just words, you can keep saying you care about each other and that there is love in the relationship, but without actions, it doesn’t really show that you mean it, so show each other that you care about him/her, share the love and show it, it makes the relationship blossom. 

5. Accept each other for who he/she really is

Sometimes we don’t choose who we fall in love with, or even though you do, you don’t choose which character or habits they will have, so help him/her improve on what they want to improve on and also accept them for who they are. Love is blind after all…but be careful to not make yourself a victim of a toxic relationship in the guise of accepting him/her as they are. 

Trying to be a better partner doesn’t really mean you should live a fake life based on a fake character or guise that you will pretend your way into the relationship, in our opinion, it does really end well. We hope you can be yourself and also thrive to be a better person for each other.

Thank you for reading and we hope that your relationship or soon to be relationship blossoms like a beautiful flower have in mind that flowers need nurturing so nurture that relationship 🙂

Until next time again sweetnesses… Love & Light.


Emma & Fatima

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