September 6, 2020

Are you scared to fall in love again?

By Fatima and Emma – 3 mins read

Were you deeply in love and it did not work out? Were you ready to give it all and you felt that you were receiving nothing back? Did you experience falling in love with someone not worth it? Do you regret it now? Are you scared to fall in love again?

If your answer is YES, we are glad that you survived the feeling of being rejected and weak, Yes, sometimes our feelings can be stronger than our thoughts, but what does not kill you makes you stronger. If you are scared to fall in love again, it is because you have a big heart and passion for love. You know how to love right, otherwise you would not hesitate and think twice before falling in love with someone else. Here is good news for you, we selected some specific tips that would make your love spirit shine again! 


You might ask “why is self love related to falling in love again?”. Well, it is actually an important stage during this process. To be honest, no one will love you more than yourself, by saying this we want you to focus on your dreams, professional life, social life, health. Additionally, if you treat yourself right, the other person would eventually treat the proper way. How can you give love to other people, if you don’t love yourself? Take your time in overcoming your insecurities, so they would not be a problem in your future relationship. Self love is about deeply connecting with your inner self by understanding and highlighting your standards, needs, and feelings. This stage is very crucial for self growth.

Set boundaries

Honestly, each one of us might have experienced giving too much and receiving little. The reason is some givers do not expect to receive the same thing back although it is supposed to be the opposite otherwise there will be no balance in the relationship. There is a quote that says “Givers have to learn to set limits because takers do not have any”. Set limits in love too; yes that sounds crazy but we do not want you to be hurt again because you tolerated things you were not supposed to. For example, people hardly change, so don’t start a relationship based on “I will change him/her”. Have compliance on your limits because we are human beings and sometimes we cannot handle everything.

Open your heart

You see, It is not the end of the world, love still exists in this beautiful universe. The past might hurt and hold us from living the present and dreaming about the future, but our past is meant to improve our present and guide us towards a beautiful future. We also experienced pain and hurt because we left some people we love. But this did not hold us from opening our heart to meet new people and spreading the love with our beautiful community including you . Let go of your past by noting down what you learned from it, and open your heart for a whole new adventure. You would not know how amazing the roller coaster is if you don’t hop on the ride again.

Forgive and forget

when you forgive the person who hurt you, you would find your strength again to love someone who is worth it. And remember, we should strong people, and strong people forgive those who hurt them. On the other hand, it’s hard to forget something or someone if you keep constantly thinking about it or s/he. Based on some friends’ experience and advice, try to keep yourself with your goals and current relationships rather than thinking of the past. What you have now can be more worthy than what you had. Creating new beautiful memories would help in forgetting the past ones.

After all, we want you to still believe in real love because you might still not experience it yet. But don’t forget to take your time to heal and get over Ex if you are still holding on to the past. Check our previous article about Getting over your Ex.

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