September 13, 2020

Comfortable or happy in a relationship?

Fatima & Emma – 1 min 30 secs read

At the beginning of a relationship, it’s always the best get butterflies, always crave for your significant other, but what happens 2, 4 …years along the way? Love needs to be rekindled to keep the fire burning between the two of you. 

Falling into a routine can make you forget to do something special for your significant other, the difference between being happy and being comfortable might be little but it’s real ๐Ÿ™‚

Here are signs that shows if you are in a comfortable or happy relationship:

1. Being happy means little butterflies while comfortable means indifferent

When you see your partner do you get those little butterflies that show how happy you are to see him/her?, it doesn’t have to be a fairy-tale butterfly ๐Ÿ˜‰ just some tingling feeling showing how happy you are to see him/her. Being comfortable means you go with the flow, you just are indifferent when him/her shows up, you are not unhappy and you are not over the roof either.

2. Willingness to grow – happy, unwilling to grow – comfortable

When you are happy with your partner, you want to grow with/for her/him! You expand your boundaries and want to go over your limits for each other. When you are happy the possibilities are just endless. When you are unwilling to grow with/for each other you are simply comfortable, you just don’t see the need to expand your boundaries or increase your limit, you are in the relationship cos it’s simply o.k.

3. You simply don’t do things you usually enjoy

Passing the early stage of dating doesn’t mean you have to neglect date nights, picnics, vacations, or all those things that were special that you did together. Those things are what helps keep the relationship fire burning. It doesn’t have to be as constant as the earliest stages but the hint is,ย  don’t eliminate all theย  activities you do together in the long run.

4. Active appreciations

Being in a relationship does not mean not giving your partner the appreciation they deserve, being comfortable might mean forgetting or not seeing the need to make your partner feel appreciated as they deserve to be. Remember to show that appreciation and make him/her feel loved and wanted.

These are our few hints, we hope they would help you remember to keep that fire burning between you two! 

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