October 4, 2020

Dating & Friendship

– Maintaining a relationship with friends during dating-

By Fatima and Emma – 2 mins read

Does your new relationship affect your friendship? In other words, do you leave some time to catch up with your friends? Do you want to discover how to maintain your relationship with your friends in parallel to your new relationship?

We collected a set of tips that could match your willingness to find the desired balance between both relationships. 

Plan Catch ups

You might think you spend a lot of time with your significant other and less with your friends because you have other obligations. If that’s right, you should reconsider your plans. Spending some separate time with each one is very recommended. You might consider planning regular catch-ups with your friends if you are both busy. It’s important to have some alone time with your friends in order to maintain the relationship. If your friends are in a different country or city, you can have virtual video calls depending on your schedules. If you are luckier and your friends are just nearby, you can have some coffee meetings (whatever you would enjoy doing together) from time to time.

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Be considerate

It’s not all about you and your new relationship, there are more things to talk about with your friends. We would assume that you know your friends before meeting your “Significant other”, so you had a lot of things to share and talk about. It’s a good opportunity to revive your common interests. In your conversation, be attentive and a good listener, because your friends may also have some news to share. Sometimes, you may think that your problems are more serious than others; you might end up neglecting or under estimating the ones of your friends. As friends, you are meant to support each other by listening and motivating each other. 

Plan small group activities

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You are trying to bring your “Significant other” and your friends together in order to know each other. It is a good initiative, and a small group activity would be the perfect plan. Paintball, cycling, mini-golf, and  social games night are fun ideas to get to know each other as at the same time there are some activities involved to avoid awkwardness. We are sure there are a lot of fun activities around if not, we are also in a digital world so you can plan a virtual gaming night 😉

No Pressure

Getting together is all fun, but sometimes some of your friends’ personalities or interests would not match the ones of your significant other. Try to be open to both of them and respect their decision because you cannot force two people with different interests to get together. We also do not want you to take it personally if one of them decides so. Because obviously it’s not a YOU problem, but rather find the ones that would naturally get along. This doesn’t mean that either of you should stop being friends with that particular friend if you still want to. 

All in all, these are just a few tips that would help you in maintaining the two relationships in a healthy way. We hope they will work for you and you can share them with your friends as well.

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