August 9, 2020

First Date Advice: The Dos & Don’ts

By Emma and Fatima – 2 mins 30 secs read

Now you’ve met a cool person and it’s time for that first date? The place and time are all set up, You planned and prepared everything, but you kinda don’t know what to do when you actually get to the date?  Not to worry, that’s why we are here, we got you all covered! So, the question here is: what are the Dos & Don’ts on a first date?

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1. Be on time

Maybe this might be something we learned to perfect in Germany, but being on time is a very good habit to have, when you both agree on a particular time, try to be on time, if you will be late for any reason, communicate it to the other person. You don’t want your date to be late without reason and leave you thinking if you were stood up or not :/ Am sure nobody wants that. So let’s not hurt anybody’s feelings.

2. Be Yourself

You know what? We think this is the ultimate hint of all time! You just met this person and lying about your personality might be a bad move. Guess what…that personality you might think you have hidden will come out and blossom one day… like a flower: Characters they say cannot be hidden, it will definitely come out one way or the other.

Let the other person know who exactly you are, If it doesn’t work out, you will definitely find someone that wants that actual personality of yours. Better to be real than faking it in the dating stage, because when it grows into a relationship, all that hidden personality just might be a problem when it shows. 

So be yourself, he or she might just like that personality of yours, and if it doesn’t work out, keep searching, there is that ONE person for you out there.  

3. Be positive

The agreed upon date is here say – Friday, you went to work, you had a bad day, one of your co-workers has pissed you off in some way, you are not in the best mood. Ok..yes, we get it, these things do happen 🙂 but try your best to be positive and not transfer the moody behavior to the other person. If you do, the other person might think he/she is doing something wrong or not being a good date..try to shake off that bad mood, stay positive and enjoy your date.

4. Be pure and simple

A friend of ours was on a date and the waiter did not get the right order. Her date overreacted on the waiter’s action. Consequently, she left before the date ended because that reaction made her very uncomfortable. Being pure and simple is good in order to make the others comfortable around you. Try not to fuss about little things…simplicity can be represented by gestures and reactions. Purity can be defined by having a mindset with no moral taint. So, being pure and simple will attract your date’s full attention.

Although human beings are social by nature and live in communities, there still exists a weird feeling when you meet someone for the first time. That emotional state intensity depends on your confidence and stress, but sometimes it also depends on the other person’s behavior. For instance, you may feel comfortable talking with some people and others not, which is normal. 

We hope these hints are helpful to you. Do you have other advice that has worked out well for you? How was that first date experience for you? Let us know in the comments section, we would love to hear from you 😉

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