August 16, 2020

First Date Ideas (where to go, what to do together)

By Emma & Fatima – 2 mins read

Everyone knows that planning a first date might be a little bit hard, based on the fact that you have to make a lot of decisions… what does he/she like? Am I doing too much? Does he/she like it simple or extra? Loads of questions to ask yourself 🙂 

A good first date is one where both parties can bond and share good conversations to get to know each other. We have a few ideas for your first date, look through our ideas, and decide which one fits for both of you! 

1. Dinner Date

Photo by Edward

An evening together sharing a meal in a restaurant can never go wrong! Both of you would be able to share a good conversation over dinner. While this date idea might be classic, most people still love to be taken out to dinner to enjoy the evening together (we know we do!). So, if this is your preference, look for a nice restaurant, order a 3-course meal (depending on your budget), and enjoy the night with your date. P:S you can also make it a restaurant-hopping kind of date 🙂

2. Wine tasting

This is for our wine lovers, if you are the type who loves tasting wine, a wine tasting type of date can be a good idea, both of you can bond while talking and sharing your thoughts about the wine that is being tasted. 

3. Cooking Class

Photo by Maarten

A cooking class for both of you can enable you both to cook together, learn how to cook a new meal, and bond at the same time. Conversations will definitely happen and you can learn new things about each other whilst cooking.

4. Go out for Ice cream /Sundaes /Frozen Yogurt

Photo by Alisha

If you like to  be super simple, this idea might work out for you. Also, it depends on the weather, if it’s cold out then maybe an ice cream outside is not the best idea, but if the sun is shining, why not cool off with some ice cream cones and enjoy the afternoon together? It’s all up to you!

5. Karaoke night

Do you love to sing? If the answer is yes like Emma likes to do, karaoke can be a nice way to go for a first date. Google is your best friend, if you don’t know any karaoke bar, check the reviews and pick the best of them then go enjoy a night of singing together!

The whole point in having a date is to enjoy your time together and get to know each other, pick an activity that you like and plan that date; but, make sure you communicate it with the other person before making arrangements… remember, what you like might not be liked by the other person, or vice versa, so pick a common interest and enjoy your first date together! 

Where did you go for that special first date? let us know in the comment section!

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  • The suggestions are very good. Especially the 3rd suggestion with the cooking class.
    Other possibilities could be: sporting activities, if both like to do sport. for example stand up paddling, archery or golf for beginners😄. Another possibility could be a visit to a museum and then have a drink, If it is possible. :

    • Hi Murat, we are glad you liked the suggestions 🙂 and thank you for the additional suggestions, its very inspiring! Thank you for reading! next Sunday you can read up on another exciting post.

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