August 30, 2020

Getting over your ex

By Emma & Fatima – 2 mins read

That one Ex of yours that you just can’t seem to get over, or move on with your life. You find yourself thinking about past times with this particular fellow; yes, we’ve all been there and done that! Sleepless nights and sometimes loss of appetite, especially if you really loved the person. 

It hurts but you have to move on with your life, you may think you will never meet someone like them, here is some good news: you will definitely meet someone better than them! So smile, and let us share some hints with you on how to get over that Ex of yours that you can’t seem to stop thinking about 🙂

No social media stalking

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OK, this is the ultimate no. 1 hint, hands off that mobile of yours that you use for social media..try not to create a new account to stalk his/her IG or FB etc. trying to peep into their life by checking out what they are doing through social media will not do your heart any good, it will only make it worse. No stalking on any platform, it’s time to move on.


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One mistake we all make when we are recovering from that bad breakup is to isolate ourselves in our rooms to be sad all day. This will not do you any good, it only makes it worse, speaking from experience, it’s helps to go out and meet some friends, do some activities and you will realize that you find yourself not thinking about him/her too much. This is why you shouldn’t push your friends away even when you are in a relationship, we need good friends in our lives.

Make a list of what you don’t have to deal with anymore

Yes, literally as it sounds, it works. There must be some things you didn’t like in the relationship that ended, make a list of them, and put a smile on your face that you don’t have to deal with them anymore. it will make you feel better. 

Donate or dispose of their belongings

I am leaning towards donating their belongings  that you might have with you, they might be useful to someone out there but certainly not for you, because the more you see it, the more it reminds you of him/her right? Get rid of it by donating them. It helps.

Don’t call him/her

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Please don’t call, either on a rainy/cold/snowy/hot day. It’s not worth it. No, you don’t really want to hear their voice for the last time, it might not be the last. Hands off that dial, this also applies to texts (SMS).  Just let go peacefully 🙁

Go out and meet people when you are ready

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When you feel you are ready to date again, go out to meet new people, you might be lucky and find someone that will make you have hope in love again, don’t give up on yourself or love. You might want to read our post about meeting people to give you a few hints.

We hope your heart heals and you get off that couch and get over that one Ex that hurt you. Remember time they say heals everything. Don’t be too hard on yourself, with time you will be healed. 

How did you get over your Ex? Let us know in the comment section 🙂

Till next week Sunday lovelies.

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