September 20, 2020

Intercultural relationship tips

Emma & Fatima — 2 mins read

You might be wondering how you can successfully date that sweet person who is not from the same cultural background as are confused and think it might not work, do you just want to throw in the towel? Don’t do that just yet, we have compiled some tips for you to make that intercultural relationship of yours work, yes you, maybe you are thinking of entering a relationship outside of your culture, or you are already in it, this tips will help:

Be open-minded and embrace each other’s culture

Have in mind that there will be cultural differences, it might not be the same as your culture, so you need to be open minded and be willing to learn from each others culture, differences might be in religion, food, way of life, mindsets etc. learn from each other and also do some self-leaning, check on google and surprise each other with something from each others culture, the information you get online might need little adjustments…yeah that’s the fun that comes after by more education from your partner. Happy learning!

photo by Suzanna

Find that balance

Now you know that there are differences in your culture, it’s time to find that balance, what works best for the both of you. For example in food, food brings people together, try to balance it out by trying out each other’s food, which is also another fun way for both of you to experience food on another level, for a foodie like us, we can’t resist good food 😉

Photo by Marcos

Don’t assume anything (Communicate)

Assumption is not advisable, don’t assume your partner might think this way because you think that way..remember the cultural differences always, so what can you do to avoid assumption? COMMUNICATION! Talk about it, anything just talk about it, he/she might not know that what they are doing is not the same way it might be done in your culture, so talk it out and remember tip number 2- find the balance. 

Don’t embrace third party opinions

There will always be that third party telling you how to run your relationship, don’t listen to toxic advice, they don’t know your relationship like you do, toxic advice can be – “why doesn’t she/he likes your food? They have to like it, both of you are partners!” This kind of advice can start an unwanted fire in your relationship. Meanwhile, both of you have accepted that particular food just doesn’t work for one of you, and it’s ok if one of you continues eating what they want even though one of you is just not feeling it. (yes, we will always use food as an example cos we like it..who doesn’t? lol)

Photos by Wright


Obviously there is a mutual language that connects the both of you, but the bonus package for both of you is an opportunity to learn each other’s language, if both of you end up getting married, the possibility that your children will speak both languages is high, we believe you want to understand whatever your children tells you in either language, so it’s time to educate yourself, help each other out by learning the language. 

That’s the few tips we have for you sweet babies, we hope it finds you well and that these tips help you build up that intercultural relationship! We love to see it. We love you all to a healthy relationship! Always. 

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