August 2, 2020

Ready to date? Let’s talk about the “meeting people stage”

Photo by Jonathan J Castellon

By Emma & Fatima

Are you open to actually DATE? When in doubt, ask yourself these questions:

Am I open to do the first step which is meeting new people?
If a guy or a lady comes up to me today will I accommodate them?

Are the answers to these questions finally YES? then we think you are ready!

Now, let’s see a few possible ways to meet people:

1. Randomly

A friend of ours told us some time ago that she went shopping and a guy came up to her, complimented her and asked for her number! She wasn’t even looking or expecting that, but it happened anyway… The thing is, sometimes you can find that one person in the most random place ever, shopping, jogging, even running errands; that’s why the key is to be open, when someone comes up to you, be happy to engage & give them audience, who knows? You might just hit it off!

2. Social events

We believe that there are a lot of events happening around you; if you are not aware of one, check/search on social media, there are events that can be of interest to you; pick one and attend. Try to be persistent with it, you might not meet anyone in the first event, or you might, who knows… but one thing you and I both know is you cant met him/her if you don’t step out 🙂

We are happy to say that we have met some interesting people after attending various events we saw on social media! ☺ let’s get the socializing mood on!

3. Bars, Lounges, cafes, etc

We know bars, lounges, cafes, and the likes are the usual place where most people hang out especially in the western world. Happy hours and after-work drinks are when most people are likely to go out with a group of friends and/or co-workers, so you have a higher chance to meet new people there. Lounges/bars are nice places to meet new people especially on a Friday night event or a Saturday party.

Don’t hesitate to interact with new people in these places if you are interested in knowing more about them. Try not to be shy, go out, and socialize.

4. Online dating sites

We know some people are not comfortable meeting people online, but for the ladies and gentlemen who don’t mind…why not give it a try, we have tried it and we made some nice friends and interacted with very interesting people. This is also a good opportunity to get into the dating ring and go on dates.

But don’t forget to also be careful, you will be meeting people you have never met before, inform your close friends on the location for the dates and if possible share your location, but don’t forget to enjoy yourself and be open! ☺

We believe that sometimes you can meet your significant other even when you are not looking, but we also believe that everybody’s story is not the same. Which led us to also believe that if you really want to meet someone, being determined can help you too.

Well, until next week Sunday sweet people, we wish you a splendid week ahead! Love and Light.

Your feedback is highly appreciated in the comments below, tell us what you think of this subject/topic? Where did you meet your significant other?
We would love to hear your stories! 😉


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