November 8, 2020

Relationship Pace

Yes, a relationship can have a speed and a pace like a career, degree, anything in life that is based on progress and hard work but it can also have a strong basis by taking it slow and with patience. If both of you ever decide to take it slow, we hope these few points help:

You could water the roses first

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You went to the first date and you liked the person. This is great news! but we want the relationship to be worthy and also reciprocated. There is always room for try and error, so do not blame yourself. Quick suggestion: try not to not rush into conclusions in this stage. It would be better to take the relationship as a step by step process. While we are not rushing things, we are also caring about the other person by showing them love and affection. Not rushing does not mean making our roses dry, but it means the opposite. Watering them with love and care would bring us the wanted results.

Wait for the roses to grow with care

Patience.. Patience is one of the crucial elements to build a fruitful romantic relationship. By being patient, we are leaving some space to think wisely about the next step. This space would allow us to eliminate the risk around making bad decisions as well as to clarify the idea of how worthy to invest in this particular relationship. Patience can also be aligned with persistence in terms of achieving the desirable objectives. As we are taking the example of roses again, we want to wait for the roses to bloom with love and care.

Admire the bloomed roses

No rush and no pressure can bring the intended results into reality. Be open to discuss the relationship pace with your potential partner while admiring their beauty, personality, and achievements. By building up these bases in a mutual understanding, it can help overcome any difficulties in regards to maintaining the relationship. As with any growth in life, patience, and persistence with a clear goal in mind would help in achieving the worth of having outcomes.

Whether you decide to take it slow or dive right into it, one thing to note is that all relationships are not the same, you might decide to do it one way and it ends up working out the opposite way.. What matters is for you to check yourself if you are happy and comfortable with the current situation.

Always know that the decision needs to be discussed by the two involved parties in order to avoid any misunderstandings or misinterpretations. 

Thank you for your comments and feedback, they are highly appreciated. We are waiting patiently for new comments and feedback on this article. Stay healthy, love and light. 


Fatima & Emma


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