August 23, 2020

What should I NOT talk about on a first date?

By Emma & Fatima – 2 mins read

The first date is on the way. Everything is all set up as you are expecting. But still, you want to make a good impression on the person you will be meeting. Did you think about what you should or should not talk about on the date? We don’t want to make it sound like you are going to a job interview, but some tips would do no harm and it might help smoothen the conversation!

1. Sarcasm

“Hold up! Are you making fun of my work?” “No, I was just being sarcastic”

OK😏! Too much sarcasm on a first date can kill the conversation. Not everyone would tolerate sarcasm, especially if they just met you and you don’t really know each other. Some would say I’m sarcastic and my date should get used to it from the beginning…easy there big guy/sweet lady 😉  they would get used to it if they want, but don’t push it. Some little jokes won’t harm any party as long as no racist or hate jokes are involved. Be funny and serious at the same time, so you enjoy your time together and won’t kill the mood.

2. Money questions

Finances are sometimes a sensitive topic. If you’re interested in the person, ask questions on their career path, achievements, and ambitions. You would get much more interesting answers than asking about how much they make a month. On a first date, finances are not the main thing you should look at. You have a chance to talk with this person you probably like, so try to make an interesting connection.

3. Topics about that Ex of yours

The last person on earth you want to talk about on a first date is your ex. Nothing against that person ofc, but you want to discover the new person on the date. Past experiences can be good as they can be bad. You can mention it briefly in terms of things you want to avoid in the future based on your experience. But try to avoid talking about the person herself or himself. Ask your date questions about their perspective of a relationship and see if it would match yours. Your date and you are the stars of the date, so try to highlight your amazing adventures,  achievements, visions… you can talk about your ex at a later stage if the both of you are willing to share your past.

4. Intimacy talk

Mmm, but I want to know if they would match me in bed🤔 

Well, there are other ways to discover that rather than spoiling the date and ending up losing someone who would have matched you. Being honest and direct is good but there is some communication manner that can send the message smoothly. Using different words may get you the answer that you want. Yes, some flirting is good, but too much of bad flirting is no good. If you’re really interested in the person, there are way more things you want to discover, Intimacy is part of it but in our opinion not a topic for a first date.

We hope these tips would bring you benefits. We are always excited to hear your stories as well. Tell us your feedback in the comment section below! we love to hear from you.

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    • Hi KT, thanks for your question! we are talking about a “first date” not friends with benefits or ONS, if you just want either of those, it would be better to let the other person know and don’t tag the meeting as a “date” dating is the start of a possible relationship. On our blog, we talk and wish to spread Love 😉

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